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  • Blobheads


    Ever wondered what might rise out of the toilet when you lift the lid? In Billy Barnes' case it's the Blobheads, three incompetent aliens...

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  • The Sleeper and the Spindle

    The Sleeper and the Spindle

    This magnificent book combines two well-known fairy tales and challenges everything familiar about them. A spectacular book that deserves a spot on every bookcase.

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  • Something Else

    Something Else

    Something Else is a lonely creature, excluded from everything because he is different. This is the perfect book for reassuring any child that being different can be a very positive thing.

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  • Muddle Earth

    Muddle Earth

    Randalf is an apprentice wizard – he only knows one spell and some of that is guesswork – but he is the only wizard left to save Muddle Earth from the evil Dr Cuddles.

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  • Mr Underbed

    Mr Underbed

    One night, as Jim is just about to drop off to sleep, a large, blue, shaggy head pops out from under the mattress and complains about how uncomfortable it is to always sleep on the floor.

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  • WyrmeWeald: Returners Wealth

    WyrmeWeald: Returners Wealth

    Heartbroken Micah runs away from the flat, featureless plains to climb the distant inhospitable mountains in search of returner's wealth...

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  • Alienography


    Have you ever feared a Martian attack? This book recommends creeping up close enough to plant a big wet slobbery kiss on their slimy skins – your germs will do the rest to defeat them.

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  • The Graveyard Book

    The Graveyard Book

    After his family are killed, Bod is brought up in a graveyard by ghosts.

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  • Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

    Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

    Ottoline is good at solving mysteries, in part due to her eavesdropping habit and in part because of her qualification as a mistress of disguise.

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  • Corby Flood

    Corby Flood

    To cheer up their father, who is facing professional ruin, Corby Flood and her family take a cruise. But Corby uncovers a mystery: what is that strange sound coming from the hold?

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  • Jonathan Swift's Gulliver

    Jonathan Swift's Gulliver

    This focused and lively retelling retains all of Gulliver's adventures, remaining true to the spirit of the original but adding a modern-day pacing and clarity.

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