Ottoline and the Yellow Cat Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Chris Riddell
Illustrator: Chris Riddell

Ottoline lives with her hairy companion Mr Munroe, on the 24th floor of the Pepperpot Building. Her parents travel the world collecting interesting things but do ensure she is looked after by the Home Cooked Meal Co. and Smith&Smith Pillow Plumping Technicians.


Ottoline is good at solving mysteries, in part due to her eavesdropping habit and in part because of her qualification as a mistress of disguise.


With the help of Mr Munroe, Ottoline sets out to solve a spate of burglaries in her neighbourhood, which she links to the disappearance of lap-dogs all over the city.


This highly illustrated, quirky book is great fun to read. The retro illustrations are intricate, with plenty of visual asides to discover.


Publisher: Pan Macmillan

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What families say

The children in my yr3 class have been really excited to read about Ottoline and Mr Munroe. Great discussions happened over what Mr Munroe is. We are just about to read chapter 9 and the children can't wait to find out the ending to the story. They love the pictures and the fact that they are basically black and white, with a touch of red.

Rating: 5 star
Anne M
Hylands Primary School
22 June 2015

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